Take A New Approach To Productivity

Take A New Approach To Productivity

Are you getting the most out of your team for the costs they incur you? Are you making progress towards your goals? Or does it seem like your business is stuck in a rut? Productivity might seem like an abstract concept, but there are real ways to measure and impact it. We’re going to look at how to get those engines burning and give your team some energy to be more productive.

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Streamline to success

Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand, first of all. Making a more efficient business is all about identifying the ways in which you lose time. Are you holding everyone up with unengaging staff meetings? Is communication a minefield of multiple channels without any hint of standardization? Does the workplace suffer from lots of distraction and downtime? Take the approach of looking through the workday of an average employee and build an idea of how much inefficiency there is and how you can remedy that.

The right tools for the job

One huge barrier to productivity is slow work methods. If your team doesn’t have tools that let them accomplish and complete processes more quickly, it takes them longer to reach the results you want. IT support can help you create a tech network that allows for quicker communication and organization. You should also look at the software suites aimed specifically at helping your team members do the processes they carry out day-in and day-out. Your HR team could make use payroll software, for instance, just as your accounting team could use tools more streamlined than Excel sheets.




Keeping connected

One tool that can help with communication across the business is the project management dashboard. This creates a centralized hub where team members can check one another’s progress, share resources, and carry out conversations. These conversations can be shared among specific groups so that not everything has to be one-on-one and not every team member has to be privy to every conversation. It can help reduce email clutter and ensure that people can find the information most relevant to the work they’re doing at that very moment. Keeping people connected allows for much better information sharing and collaboration.

Engagement is key

You can’t forget the emotional aspect of engagement when talking productivity, too. You can create a work environment that helps them get more engaged. For instance, you can show an interest in their own work and help them understand how their workload helps with the overall goals of the team or the business. This helps them understand their importance within the company and that sense of fulfillment can help engage them. Measuring and reporting on the outcomes of their performance, helping them remedy weak spots or praising successes will help them feel much more engaged, too.

Productivity is rarely a problem of individual employees. More often, you need a closer look at the culture, the management and the practices implemented in the workplace. Change what you can before you place any blame on your workers.




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