Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers

Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers

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People are visiting your website, but they’re not converting into leads. What can you do to turn this traffic into profit? Here are just a few ways in which you can start turning your website’s visitors into customers.

Optimize the right keywords

If you’re getting lots of visitors but no leads, it’s possible that you’re attracting the wrong people through search engines. It’s possible that inappropriate or ambiguous keywords are causing your site to rank highly.  For example, if you sell designer wine glasses but are using the keywords ‘designer glasses’, it’s possible that visitors are arriving at your site expecting spectacles instead of the drinkware. Optimizing keywords like ‘designer wine glasses’ or ‘luxury glassware’ may be more effective. It could be worth investing in search engine optimization services to identify which keywords you should be using and how to implement them. There are many other factors concerning SEO that could be causing you to attract the wrong visitors.

Check your page loading time

A slow loading website could be causing visitors to get impatient and leave. While you may be getting visitors, they may not be sticking around long, resulting in a lack of leads. Try visiting your website and clicking on various pages to see how long it takes for them to fully load. A variety of issues can cause a slow loading page: it could be that you’re using a slow server, it could be that you’re using too many plug-ins or it’s possible that images are too large. If you can’t find the cause, it could be worth hiring a web designer to take a look.

Promote your most interesting content

Think about which kind of content is going to grab visitors and persuade them to buy into your company. This could include promoting unique products or exclusive deals or it could involve promoting content about your brand that wins over people’s trust such as business achievements. Your homepage doesn’t want to look generic and should keep people hooked, otherwise visitors are just going to look elsewhere.

Improve your website navigation

It’s important that visitors can easily find their way around your site. One important aspect of navigation is leading your visitors to your contact details or your checkout if you’re an e-commerce site. If customers need to ring you or email you to get quotes, highlight this information clearly and consider using a call-to-action button that allows phone users to easily ring you with the click of a button. If you’ve got a checkout process, make sure that isn’t too lengthy or complex and that you have a secure payment gateway.

Make sure your website looks professional

Finally, it’s also important that your website looks professional. This includes having easily readable text, using good quality images and keeping the design looking modern. If you’re unsure as to whether your website looks professional, it could be worth hiring a professional web designer to take a look and suggest improvements. 

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