Unleash Your Feminine Genius

Luvleigh Alston

Instructor (RN, BA, CPC)


Monday 6:00-7:00 pm EST


The Incubator

About Luv

Luv Alston, RN, BA, CPC, is an International Best Selling Author, host of Real Life With Luv on and a Certified Professional Coach. She is a keynote speaker, business-life coach and Mom-entrepreneur. A leading International Alchemist, Luv is the creator of Agape Intelligence, AI Systems Solutions. Her AI Workshops provide you the “how-to” steps to ensure that your customers either want to be you (a must-have) or be with you (buy your products and services).

Course Description:

Are you truly giving yourself the self-care you deserve?
Do you feel your needs matter or do you feel the work you do for everyone else is more important?
Did you know the most Powerful System in creation is a woman’s brain? It’s true and most of us feel guilt, shame and pain rather than joy in the care of the one most important person in creation – YOU!
As the Dali Lama said, ‘It is women who can and will change the world!’
Unleash your Feminine Genius is where you will enjoy learning how to give care to yourself while continuing to care for others in a balanced way! In this course you will also learn how to remove upper limiting behaviors and increase your productivity and profitability by at least 50%. You will discover how to use Agape Intelligence™ special skills in any environment – to feel confident, build self-worth, self-love and figure out the secret to getting what you want in life.

Special Offer For Students:

20% off of services and a free 30 minute discovery session.

You will love this interactive and fun course as you:

• Learn how to give yourself daily power-filled self-encouragement and confidence.

• Enjoy daily “happifying” exercises, build soothing environments using precious oils and scents to rejuvenate your amazing mind!

• Create policies and procedures for you and others to relate to you.

• Learn the exclusive AI listening techniques and phrasing to get what you need clearly and without guilt.


September 28, 2015


6 Weeks

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