What To Consider When Going Back To Work after Having Children

What To Consider When Going Back To Work after Having Children

Going back to work after having children, whether as an employee for someone else or to start up your own business, can create plenty of questions and issues. It might be thoughts of who will look after your children when you are at work, or how you will manage to get everything done. While we can’t list everything that will need to be taken into consideration, here are a few key things you and your family might need to think about.

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1) Childcare

This is probably the biggest thing that you need to think about. You want to choose childcare that is supportive of both your child and you. Look for someone who goes above and beyond to keep your child or children safe and happy, while allowing you to do your job. Think about back up plans in case they need to close at short notice, or if your child is ill. While most of us want nothing more than to be there looking after our child when they’re not feeling 100%, too much time off work can damage your professional reputation. Do you have family members that can be a stand if necessary? Make sure your childcare provider can contact you in an emergency and vice versa – look at cell phone providers that are reliable, so you’re never out of reach.

2)  Keeping Organized

When you not only have to remember play dates and school appointments but your own meetings and events as well, it can be overwhelming. Keep on top of everything with a decent planner or diary, or pop it all into your Google calendar. Set reminders for the day before so that you know where everyone is supposed to be at that time.

3) How You Will Get Everything Done

Work. Childcare. Housework. Life admin. Social Life.  It’s a lot to keep on top of. Ignore anyone that says that they always manage to get everything done because the chances are they are either telling you a lie or have a lot of help. Delegate tasks where possible, to your partner, your children if they are old enough, and never turn down offers of support from friends and family. Make lists of the important tasks to do that day, and get those done. If you have the time or energy for anything else, that’s great, but remember, you are only human too!

4) Self Care

Mothers are generally pretty terrible at taking time for themselves, but it’s easy to become burned out when you’re so busy concentrating on work and home life. While you’re looking after everyone else, who is looking after you? Make sure self-care is added to the list of essential tasks each day, even if it is just having a peaceful shower or sitting down and enjoying a hot drink. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty jug!

Hopefully, thinking about some of these things in advance will make  your return to work just a little bit easier and a little bit smoother. Good luck!


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