Why You Need Self-Awareness for a Career in Medicine

Why You Need Self-Awareness for a Career in Medicine

Choosing a career path is never easy. The majority of people don’t know what they want ahead of time, especially in their early twenties and so picking a direction can be tough.

Since medicine is a nurturing and caring profession, it attracts a lot of talented women. Some, however, end up regretting their choice because medicine isn’t a match for their personality.

Those who go into medicine need a lot of self-knowledge to get joy from their careers. Hospitals and clinics are challenging environments. Life or death is often literally in the hands of the professionals who work there, and it can be stressful at times.

So what questions do you need to ask of yourself before beginning a new career in the field?

Can I Put Others First?


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Being a medical professional is about giving, not taking. People most suited to the role are those who want to forget themselves and concentrate on others.

Can I Commit To Long-Term Training?

Although sites like medical-assistant.us make the process of training more convenient, it still takes a long time to become a medical professional. It requires long-term commitment: something that a lot of people find difficult to achieve. Most professional roles need at least three years or training, with others demanding eight or more.

Do I Have The Right Values?

There’s nothing wrong with going into a career for the money: that’s what the majority of people do. But you might want to think twice about a career in medicine if that’s your motivation. For starters, although pay for surgeons and doctors is high, it needs to be to compensate all those years of training. If you calculate the present value of wages minus time and money lost due to education, you find that the pay packets are not nearly as compelling. Secondly, the best medical professionals are those who are intrinsically, not extrinsically, motivated. They have an inbuilt desire to help other people, regardless of the numbers in their bank account at the end of the month.

Do I Have The Right Interests?

You may be a caring and nurturing person, but if you’re not interested in medicine, then it’s unlikely that it will become a sustainable career according to www.aafp.org. Over time, your interest will wane, and you’ll feel disgruntled. Only go into medicine if you have a deep and abiding passion for the principles on which it rests. You should be in love with the notion of healing and the scientific techniques to make it happen.

Can I Work In A Team?



Modern medical systems rely on networks of professionals working together to solve a patient’s problems. Radiographers, nurses, cardiologists, surgeons and midwives must all act in unison to provide seamless care.

Teams can break down quickly if one person is unable to work effectively with others. The ability to work in a group is often the number one soft skill requirement for many medical roles, and so it’s vital that you’re honest with yourself about this ability. Can you work effectively in a team? Are you willing to take orders from other people?



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