Wow Factors to Help You Seal the Deal

Wow Factors to Help You Seal the Deal

If you’re embarking on a business idea, you should pat yourself on the back. Going after what you want will be the best thing you’ve ever done. But, let’s not pretend that you’re in for an easy ride. You have a whole lot to consider, from how to make those dreams a reality, to how to fund your startup.

Money often becomes an issue in the very early stages. Without it, you’ll struggle to get anything off the ground. Even a cheap startup is likely more than you can afford out of pocket. It’s not unusual to look at alternatives. Often, these come in the form of bank loans, but that isn’t your only option. You may also be in a position to convince larger companies to invest in what you’re doing. That way, you’ll have the money to continue and the backing of a company with an existing customer base.

How do you get the big guys to pay attention to such a small fish? For the most part, you should find the right names and arrange a business meeting. When you do, you should follow these pointers to ensure your success.

The professional image

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A professional image is crucial. If you’re meeting face to face, opt for a smart outfit. A suit, or shirt and skirt combo are a must-wear. Make sure, too, to perfect your overall image. You should do away with unruly hair by tying it up or styling it into a bun. If you wear makeup, it should be done appropriately for a business meeting. 

The same applies if you’re hosting a video meeting, only you also need to think about your background. It should go without saying that a background of dirty laundry isn’t the right image. You also want to ensure your kids don’t make an unwanted appearance. We all remember that guy on the news last year, don’t we? Instead, pick a neutral room, such as a dining room and keep the door locked for the duration.


The right equipment

Though you’re still in the early stages here, you need equipment to impress. A blurred video camera may have been okay for MSN, but it isn’t going to work for your meeting. Instead, invest in something like the PTZ Cameras offered by companies such as Vaddio. These cameras will produce a crisp image and continue that professional look. If your meeting is in-person, invest in a decent projector system to get your point across. You may have to borrow money to achieve these goals, but you should be able to pay it back fast if all goes well.

What you say

And, of course, you should spend time considering what you say. Though the other stages are crucial, this is what will seal the deal. Chances are that you know your product well by now. But, you need to find the best way to share that knowledge with the company in question. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to make progress in this area.

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